Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association

Tenth Annual Meeting

Center for Korean Studies • University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

March 28-30, 2003


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I n v i t e d    s p e a k e r s:

Juliette Blevins • UC Berkeley
Consonant Epenthesis in Austronesian:
Natural and Unnatural History
(See New Abstract)
Miriam Meyerhoff • University of Edinburgh
Interfaces: variation, sociolinguistics and formal linguistics (See Abstract)
Elizabeth Zeitoun • Academia Sinica
Toward a reconstruction of Proto-Rukai morphosyntax (See Abstract)


We are pleased to announce the Winners of the
Best Student Abstract Award!
Jill Heather Flegg Robert J. Podesva
Rutgers University Stanford University
Topics and clitic left dislocation in Malagasy (See Abstract) The effect of foot structure on segment duration in syllable-timed languages: the case of Buginese and Toba Batak (See Abstract)




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