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  • Linguistics Faculty

ANDERSON, Victoria (UCLA) vanderso-- phonetics; prosody; experimental linguistics; phonetic and phonological universals; endangered and underdocumented languages; animal communication; speech technology

BEREZ, Andrea (UCSB) aberez-- language documentation; language archiving; Athabascan languages; Papuan languages; geography and language; discourse; intonation; functional approaches to grammar

BLEY-VROMAN, Robert [SLS] (Washington) vroman-- applied linguistics; syntax; second language acquisition theory; computational linguistics; natural language processing; corpus linguistics; and machine translation.

NOTE: Those interested in working primarily on second language acquisition with Professor Bley-Vroman should direct their applications to the Department of Second Language Studies, where he is also a member of the Graduate Faculty.

BLUST, Robert A. (U Hawai‘i) blust-- historical linguistics; Austronesian linguistics and cultural history; field methods; lexicography; endangered and underdocumented languages

CAMPBELL, Lyle (UCLA) lylecamp-- language documentation, historical linguistics, endangered languages and language revitalization, typology, field methods, American Indian languages

COOK, Haruko M. [EALL] (USC) hkcook-- Japanese linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis and pragmatics

NOTE: Those interested in working primarily with Professor Cook should direct their applications to the Department of East-Asian Languages & Literatures, where she is also a member of the Graduate Faculty.

DEEN, Kamil Ud (UCLA) kamil-- language acquisition (emphasis on experimental approaches); experimental morphosyntax; acquisition of understudied languages, particularly Bantu languages and languages of South East Asia; bilingualism; second language acquisition

DONEGAN, Patricia J. (Ohio State) donegan-- phonology and phonetics; vowel systems; acquisition; variation and change; typology; Austroasiatic languages

DRAGER, Katie K. (Canterbury) kdrager-- sociolinguistics; phonetics; experimental linguistics; language variation and change; language and identity

O'GRADY, William (Chicago) ogrady-- syntactic theory and description; experimental syntax; language acquisition; Korean and Jejueo; heritage languages; language revitalization

OTSUKA, Yuko (Oxford) yotsuka-- syntax; Minimalist Program; Tongan and other Polynesian languages; Austronesian languages; endangered and underdocumented languages of Polynesia; language planning in Polynesian

REHG, Kenneth L. (U Hawai‘i) rehg-- phonology; Micronesian linguistics; lexicography; endangered and underdocumented languages; language contact; language planning; vernacular language education

SCHAFER, Amy J. (U Mass.) aschafer-- psycholinguistics; experimental lingusitics; sentence comprehension and production (including in Korean, Japanese, Austronesian languages, underdocumented languages, and in language learners/bilinguals); sentence prosody; information structure; psycholinguistic approaches to language documentation and conservation

SCHWARTZ, Bonnie D. [SLS] (USC)-- Linguistic theory and second language acquisition, Universal Grammar, Child SLA

NOTE: Those interested in working primarily on second language acquisition with Professor Schwartz should direct their applications to the Department of Second Language Studies, where she is also a member of the Graduate Faculty.

SOHN, Ho-Min [EALL] (U Hawai‘i) homin-- Korean linguistics; grammaticalization

NOTE: Those interested in working primarily with Professor Sohn should direct their applications to the Department of East-Asian Languages & Literatures, where he is also a member of the Graduate Faculty.


  • Cooperating Faculty

BROWN, J. D. (SLS)-- language learning and teaching, language testing

DRECHSEL, Emanuel J. (Interdisciplinary Studies)-- ethnolinguistics; American Indian languages

HIGGINS, Christina M. (SLS)-- marcro- and micro- sociolinguistics, qualitative research methods, conversational analysis, code-switching

HOONCHAMLONG, Yuphaphann (IPLL)-- Thai linguistics (syntax, discourse, semantics), Tai/Thai dialectology, language learning and teaching, internet technology in language research and language instruction, translation

KASPER, Gabriele (SLS)-- language and social interaction, qualitative research

SAK-HUMPHRY, Chhany (IPLL)-- Khmer language, linguistics and literature

SCHMIDT, Richard W. (SLS)-- psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, language learning and teaching

SILVA, Noenoe K. (POLS)-- Hawaiian politics, indigenous politics

WARNER, Sam L. (IPLL)-- Hawaiian language, Hawaiian language immersion education, curriculum development and second-language acquisition, educational psychology


  • Adjunct Faculty

CHOE, Jin Sun -- first/second language acquisition, syntax

CHOO, Miho -- Korean

EARTH, Barbara  -- sign languages, history of Hawai'i Sign Language (HSL)

FURUKAWA, Toshiaki (Osaka University)-- sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology

GRIMES, Joseph -- theory of the lexicon, discourse, language divergence

HATTORI, Ryoko --language documentation, Oceanic language, language survival, typology, syntax, first language acquisition

MIYAGI, Kimi -- syntactic theory, language documentation, Micronesian linguistics

SIEGEL, Jeff -- language contact and contact-induced language change (pidgin, creole, new dialects); language and education; descriptive or sociolinguistic studies of particular languages in Oceania or South Asia

THIEBERGER, Nick -- Vanuatu languages, Australian languages, linguistic fieldwork thechnologies, lanuage archiving

WOODWARD, James --

YANG, Changyong -- the Jeju language, language documentation and revitalization, discourse (Associate Professor in the Department of English Education at Jeju National University)


  • Visting Colleague

LINCOLN, Peter C-- Melanesian linguistics


  • Emeriti and Retired Faculty

BENDER, Byron W.-- general linguistics; morphology; Micronesian linguistics

BICKERTON, Derek-- language variation; pidgins and creoles; language and literature

FORMAN, Michael L. (Cornell) -- general linguistics; ethnographic linguistics; Philippine studies, language documentation

GRACE, George W.-- historical linguistics; Austronesian, especially Melanesian linguistics; ethnolinguisitcs

JACOBS, Roderick A.-- syntax and syntactic change; English, Oceanic, and American Indian linguistics; discourse grammar and applied linguistics

LYOVIN, Anatole -- historical linguistics, language typology and Sino-Tibetan

PETERS, Ann M. (Wisconsin) ann-- language acquisition: prosody, emergence of grammatical morphemes, crosslinguistic issues

REID, Lawrence A. -- Austronesian, especially Philippine and Formosan languages; lexicography, morphosyntactic reconstruction

SCHUTZ, Albert J.-- descriptive linguistics, field methods, lexicography; Fijian and other Melanesian languages; Hawaiian and other Polynesian languages; history of linguistics in the Pacific

STAMPE, David -- computational linguistics, phonology and prosody, holistic typology and drift, Munda languages

  • Linguistics 102 Instructors
Brenda Clark
Eve Okura
John ElliottMihoko Sawada
Katie GaoClaire Stabile
Raina HeatonNozomi Tanaka
Jonny Kim
Nik Toler
  • Linguistics 150C Instructors
Yuko Otsuka

Samantha Rarrick

Aaron Waldrip

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