Patricia Jane Donegan donegan @ hawaii . edu

 Associate Professor, Linguistics Department,
 Moore Hall 569, 1890 East-West Road,
  University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI 96822

 Office: Moore 576. Hours: TBA, and by appointment.

 Phone: (808) 956 3224, Fax: 956 9166, Home: 396 9354.

Interests: natural phonology, phonetics, variation and change, dialectology, first- and second-language acquisition;
rhythm and holistic typology and drift; Munda and Austroasiatic documentation and prehistory

 Curriculum Vitae: htmlpdf

 Selected Papers downloadable pdf's

 Austroasiatic (Munda and Mon-Khmer) Languages resource pages

Courses: Aut 2011 Ling 621 Phonology
Ling 770 Areal Linguistics: SE Asian Phonology
Spr 2012 Ling 401 Articulatory Phonetics

last edited Nov 2011