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Tokyo, 1999

Geographical locus: Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA

Administrative locus:
Department of Linguistics, University of Hawai'i

Courses taught during the Spring 2001 semester, University of Hawai'i:
The linguistic prehistory of East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Courses taught during the Fall 2001 semester, University of Hawai'i:
Introduction to language

Some class handouts are available for these and other courses. You are also invited to peruse some of my published and unpublished papers, check out a fairly complete list of my publications, and add to or download from the list of online lexicase papers, theses, and dissertations. All the documents are in Word for Windows (Windows 95 or 98) or Rich Text Format unless otherwise indicated.

My TUFS Lexicase dependency grammar: an on-line reference manual' is available from a UH mirror site.


1. How many diamond heads are there in this picture?
2. How many of them are active?

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Thanks to Cathy Wong and Alf Maglalang for helping to get me into the net, and to Graham Thurgood for suggesting the second part of the riddle.