Information about Projects

July 30th, 2013


How to participate in the research option

To sign up for a research project:

  • Look at the list of research projects on the Current LBC Projects page.
  • Read the restrictions carefully to make sure you can participate.  If the restrictions say "normal or corrected-to-normal vision", you CAN participate if you wear glasses or contact lenses.  At least one project per semester will be open to any student.  However, there may be a limited number of participation slots available.
  • Sign up following the directions for each study.
  • Please, BE ON TIME.  If you are not on time for your appointment, you may have to reschedule, or may be unable to participate in that project.
  • If you don't like any of the current options, look further down this page at the list of anticipate projects, or check back later in the semester.

At the research activity:

The researcher is required to describe the activity and get your consent to participate before you begin.  In most studies, you are doing a simple and ordinary activity, such as reading words or sentences from a computer screen.  All studies in this program have been reviewed by the UH Committee on Human Studies.
Ask the researcher to explain anything you don't understand about the activity.
This is an opportunity for you to learn more about research in linguistics, and the careers of researchers in linguistics.  Please feel free to ask the researcher things like how he or she got interested in this topic.
The researcher will give you a research participation questionnaire at the END of the study, and a written description (a "feedback" form). To get credit for participation, you must get a signed questionnaire from the researcher, fill it out, and turn it in to your instructor. You can only get a questionnaire from the researcher you worked with. Completed questionnaires will not be returned. Be sure to ask the researcher questions if you do not understand the value or purpose of the study, and how it relates to your class.

After the research activity:

  • Fill out your research activity questionnaire.
  • Turn it in to your class instructor.