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Song Lyrics #1: Malinak Lay Labi

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1 Malinak     lay     labi,     Oras     lay     mare’en

silent          det     night    hour    det      still.static

'The night is calm and quiet, the hour stands still'

2 Mapalpalnay dagem,      Katekep         toy     linaew.

smooth          wind        accompanied   by    dew drop

'Slowly flows the breeze, and dewdrops gently fall'

3 Samit     day     kugip         ko,     B<in>angon-an     kon     tampol.

Sweet     of       dream        my    <perf>woke up-?      I       suddenly

‘Midst sweetness in my dreams, I awoke in hurried joy'

Lapud     say     linggas    mo,         Sikan-sikay     am-amayo-en

Because    of      beauty     you        only you          redup-cherish-nom

'And in your loveliness, it’s you alone in my embrace'

Lalo             labi        lay        no       sika     lay     na-nengneng

Especially    night     come    when    you    det     when I see

'Especially my dear, when you are held in my eyes'

Na-punas               lan     amin     so     ermin          kon     ak-bibit-en

will wipe.away      of       all         the    loneliness   my       carrying

'All sadness in my heart, they all but disappear'

No     na-nonot-an    ko     lay     samit     day     ugali-m

when    think             I       det      sweet    of        behavior/attitude-you

'When I think of all your ways, so sweet and gentle'

Ag-taka     na-lingwan-an     anggad     ka’oyos     na     bilay

Neg-I        will forget            until            ends         of      life

'Never, ever I forget, until the last breath of my life'

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