About Me & My Language

Hello! My name is Apay Ai-yu Tracy Tang, and I am a graduate student in linguistics at the University of Hawaii. I am a speaker of Truku.

Truku is spoken in Hualien, situated in the Eastern part of Taiwan, and has about 20,000 speakers. It is one of the Formosan languages, specifically a subgroup of Atayal, commonly referred to as Sediq (Sejiq). In addition, Sediq consists of three dialects: Teuda, Tkdaya and Truku (Yang 1993, a handout).

First name Apay (Ai-yu)
Last name Tang
Preferred name(s) of your language Truku, Seejiq
Language classification Austronesian (Formosan )
Geographic areas where spoken Eastern Taiwan
Approximate number of monolingual speakers unknown (young speakers don't speak Truku)
Approximate number of fluent speakers unknown (60 years old above)
Other languages spoken in area/country Official language: Mandarin Chinese;  other  13 indigenous Formosan languages
Do the representatives of neighboring ethnic groups learn to speak your language? No
Does you language have a widely accepted writing system? Romanization
If you answered yes, what materials are written? 3 textbooks for beginning learners, a hymnbook, a 300-word Truku-Chinese Dictionary and the Bible
3   tru
4   spat
5 rima
6 mataru
7 empitu
8 maspat
9 mngari
10 maxal

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