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Fall 2013 Workshop Schedule

Basic 1: Tuesday, 3pm-5pm

Basic 2: Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

Advanced: To Be Decided

Basic Workshop Content Advanced Workshop Content
Sept. 24
Introduction to Language
Endangerment, Documentation & LDTC

Oct. 1
Web Design

Oct. 8
Orthography and Transcription (Phonology)

Oct. 15 Morphology
Oct. 22
Week of Oct. 19 (official date to be determined) Midterm Banquet (co-sponsored by SAPFB)
Oct. 29
Nov. 5
Nov. 12
Nov. 19 Catch-all Day (review webpages, make any final edits, catch up/add more information, etc.)
Nov. 22
Projects, posters, & website updates are due Nov. 22 before 5 pm
Week of Nov. 24
(official date to be determined)
Closing Ceremony (co-sponsored by SAPFB)

Paula isma Diki
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